Boston's WNBR
World Naked Bike Ride

"BARE as you dare"
"Less gas, More ass!"

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July 31st

About Us

The World Naked Bike Ride is a world wide protest event in over 75 cities each year - including Boston! We are a protest ride against • cyclist vulnerabilities on the roadway • oil dependence and • body shaming.

The Ride

We plan our rides for about ten miles through city streets. We keep a slow pace designed to keep the ride in one group. It usually takes two to three hours to complete the ride. Throughout the ride you can expect to be cheered on by delighted bystanders. We also enjoy this unique opportunity to remind drivers just how much fun people on bicycles have!


"Do you see me now?"

In so many bicycle involved car crashes each year, drivers often say "I never saw him". People stop and look when someone rides a bike naked. We ask "do you see me now?" Cyclists are "naked in traffic" even when clothed. We have no metal cage or airbags separating us from trucks or pavement. We ask the drivers we share the road with to remember this the next time they pass someone on a bike little too close or roll a stop sign.

Body Painting

The WNBR uses body paint to help spread the word for our causes. Free the artist inside by applying paint on the outside. Cover your skin with the slogan that best speaks your cause. Please note, due to Covid, you must supply and apply your own body paint.


Our riders safety is our first concern. Please bring a bicycle in good working condition. Check your tires, brakes, and driveline for proper operation before joining a naked bike ride. Have your favorite bike shop look over your bicycle so you are not sidelined by a flat tire or broken chain. We also strongly suggest helmets and shoes for all participants. Headlights, battery powered light strings, and glow sticks help make sure you are visible when the sun goes down.


Everyone rides for a different reason, what’s yours?!


We ride to support bicycle infrastructure and the safety of other vulnerable road users by being highly visible... and noticed! "Do you see me now?"


We ride to support equality and the freedom to be yourself. All shapes, sizes, colors, classes, genders and sexualities are welcome, free from judgment and oppression! “Every body is beautiful!”


We ride to support clean air and protest oil dependence. "Stop indecent exposure to car exhaust!" "Less gas more ass!"


No need to complicate it, it's just fun to ride a bike naked! Really! “Get on your bikes and ride!”

Want to join?

There is no registration just bring a bike and a bag for your belongings. We do not return to the start, so bring your stuff with you on the ride. We will announce the starting location within the week prior to the ride. Donations are welcome and appreciated at the door. Your donations help up promote the ride and reserve a safe place to body paint before the ride as well as run this website .

New this year we will be taking certain Covid precautions. Masks are suggested, please keep a safe distance from each other. High-fives are fun but please refrain from contact with others outside your own group. Sadly, we will not be hosting an indoor pre-party this year.

11th Annual

Come celebrate Boston's eleventh annual WNBR, July 31st
Help us make the biggest ride Boston has seen!

  • 11

    Years in Boston
  • 230

    Riders 2017 Record
  • 98

    Degrees on the hottest ride
  • 16

    miles on the longest ride