Want to join in the fun? Have some questions?

1. “Why are you naked?”

The World Naked Bike Ride started as a protest against oil dependence. Beyond environmental concerns, we also feel that riding naked highlights vulnerabilities cyclists face daily and provides a thrilling experience of body positivity. The Boston World Naked Bike Ride is dedicated to making cycling and various states of nudity safe and enjoyable for everyone through peaceful protest.

2. "Do I have to be naked?”

Absolutely not!  The ride is called the “World Naked Bike Ride” but nudity is not required. Do not feel pressured to undress beyond your comfort level. Just remember - “as bare as you dare”!

3. “What will the vibe be like?”

Party time! We want to show the world how fun it is to travel by bicycle. This is a protest that means different things to each of us, but it is not an aggressive bicycle riding experience. If/when we disrupt traffic, it is only to safely travel together in a large (mostly naked) group.

4. “I don’t ride a bike often - what should I know about safety?”

Though we are purposefully exposed, this has historically been a very safe ride. We ride a slow-moderate pace and have just a few tips: Be visible! Think helmets, lights, bright body paint. Use the buddy system so no one gets left behind - if you fly solo you can always buddy with one of us! Signal to the group to wait if you need more time. If you must leave the ride please dress immediately.

5. “What about cameras?”

This is a public event and people we ride past will take pictures and/or videos.  Participants, organizers and volunteers agree to consensual photography and videography before and after the ride. (We go into more detail in our code of conduct on this.) Disguises have been fun for participants in the past, given they have not obstructed their vision, for those concerned about their photograph being taken.

6. “Aren’t people worried about harassment - sexual or otherwise?”

Harassment is a very valid concern for many potential attendees and we take it very seriously. While we can’t screen attendees, we are dedicated to preventing harassment and are prepared to enforce our policies. We’ve created a thorough code of conduct and list of unacceptable sexual harassment behaviors.  We hope to create an empowered culture in which we keep each other safe - together.

7. “Is this a safe space for womxn, gender-queer or trans folks?”

We understand that undressing in public can feel intimidating for anyone, but there are additional, particular concerns for womxn, gender-queer and trans participants. As organizers, we promote body positivity for all sizes, shapes, skin colors, and body parts. This is not an ogle-fest and we are committed to our sexual/harassment policies, which includes non-verbal communication that can make anyone uncomfortable, but can be particularly threatening to womxn, trans and gender-queer participants. We take this very seriously and we got your back. Please reach out to WNBRBoston@gmail.com if you would like to share ways of how we can improve this area.

8. “Is this legal? I am concerned about the police.”

We understand that law enforcement presence can feel more than uncomfortable. Historically, local police departments have rerouted traffic and escorted us throughout parts of the ride. Stay with the group if law enforcement arrives, especially while nude. Please note that you are participating in this event as an individual and we cannot assume legal responsibility for you but we have volunteers that are ready and willing to communicate on behalf of the group if law enforcement arrives. We encourage you to direct law enforcement to an organizer if you are approached.

Also see the Code of Conduct